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Creating a strong business and respecting human values are not conflicting goals, since both are indispensable for long-term success.

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Many years' experience at your brand's service

Grupo PCP (Perfumes Cosmética Performances S.L.) was set up at the beginning of 2003 by two company executives with a proven track record in the selective cosmetics market.

Guillaume Purro, with over 30 years' experience in the "Duty Free" world, started his career at Parfums Christian Dior, after which he worked for Parfums Chanel for more than 10 years and, finally, for Perfumes Loewe, where he held the post of International Manager.

In all three companies, Guillaume was directly responsible for the Retail Travel market, creating the previously unheard of post of “local supervisor” in the market and implementing it in each brand, so as to enhance presence on the ground, closer to the brands' needs and those of the shop managers. In short, the indispensable local bond between brand and market, which takes into account the many airports in Spain and the wide differences among them.

The other founding member is Almudena Nuñez Pagán who, for over 12 years, was Chanel's supervisor and official trainer in the Spanish Retail Travel area. She was in charge, not only of building up the department and recruiting and training Chanel's staff, but also of launching new products and arranging all promotional events.

Grupo PCP was created with the idea of serving companies which, while important enough to be included in the World Duty Free Group, might possibly have more limited resources and thus not be able to afford their own in-house supervisors or exclusive sales promoters –something that in both instances enables company turnover to be increased to a level that's of keen interest to all parties involved.

The project also includes the offer of a high-end service, with promoters who, in addition to meeting the company's quality commitments, are recruited as much for their physical presence and attitude as for their language skills.

"The basis of our success is that we make ours the brands that entrust their interests to us and make them our own, and so operate as a compact, highly specialized subsidiary"

Guillaume Pürro, Director Founder