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Our services

Each and every one of the services provided by PCP can be adapted to the needs and distribution of all our clients and their products.


Supervision is the core management task carried out by PCP. This comprises:
- Helping to introduce brands and lines at all points-of-sale in every appropriate point of sales.
- Establishing and maintaining a good brand relationship with the management staff of each centre.
- Brand policy implementation and follow-up.
- Recommending assortments suited to each point of sales.
- Recommending and introducing new references to airport product managers.
- Follow-up of new implementations.
- Stock control at each POS.
- Tailoring orders in accordance with the brand's envisaged schedule of events, e.g., launchings and/or special promotions.
- Working alongside the company's other executives in recruiting and selecting staff.
- Supporting the training of new recruits, both in sales techniques adapted to the product to be marketed and in matters concerning the POS.
- Follow-up and control of sales staff.
- Follow-up and control of promotional activities at the POS.

Sales promoters

We offer our clients the possibility of having a promoter, whether on an exclusive basis or shared with another brand. For budget reasons, clients cannot always invest in an exclusive promoter, and so sharing with another brand affords them the chance of having a more sizeable presence at a given airport or at all airports as a whole.

We keep a reserve list of suitable candidates, which enables us to respond very quickly to any need, whether it is for a fifteen-day promotion or a permanent post. Needless to say, we also take care of all of the administrative work, including contracts, airport-access cards, AVSEC courses, risk prevention at each airport POS, goods-handling courses, MPEs and so on. Furthermore, each and every one of our promoters wears a Grupo PCP uniform.

We are proud to report a particularly low staff turnover. What this means is that, not only have we stood by and been correct in our choice of personnel during the selection process, but it also reinforces the “family” spirit and commitment that is so much a part of Grupo PCP, as well as the emphasis placed on the highest level of knowledge of the products being sold and of each airport's operations and needs.


The merchandising service comprises, not only the restocking of products, but also a complete set of tasks aimed at boosting sales. Due to the high number of points-of sales, this service is provided exclusively in Madrid.
- Daily restocking of products.
- Managing and monitoring space usage.
- Checking stock levels.
- Preparing reposition orders.
- Observing and enforcing brand merchandising policies.
- Installing good relationship between the brand and the shop managers.

POSM Management

Thanks to comprehensive process control, this service yields substantial savings in logistics and POSM budgeting.
- Reception of testers at our Madrid warehouse.
- Follow-up and reception of promotional and/or testing material in Madrid.
- Delivery to and follow-up at the various Spanish airports, including those in the Balearic and Canary Islands according real needs controlled through our experience.

Training and events

Grupo PCP has a training department headed by Almudena, our group's co-founding director, with her wide-ranging experience of training staff for the Retail Travel market, and teaching products and sales techniques for the different product lines.
- Our own, fully-equipped training facility
- Training in sales techniques for the Retail Travel market
- Product training
- Presentation and launches of new lines
- Catering
Our training facility remains obviously at the entire disposal of all our brands.

Event organisation

This department is also in charge of organising any type of event for all kinds of products.
- Country-wide seminars
- Sales-promoter meetings
- New product presentations and launches
- Finding suitable restaurants, hotels and venues
- Event logistics, flight, train and coach bookings